SolidWorks library - Overview

Here you can find models, templates, palette features, symbols, blocks and some other stuff for SolidWorks for free download. Most of these contributions are from other SolidWorks users.

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Attention - if you experience problems with uncompressing the archives please use a professional (though free) archive tool and not the internal ZIP environment from Windows XP. If you don't have a archive tool I recommend UltimateZIP ( ), 7-Zip (  ) or TugZIP (





Please follow the links to get to the preview and download pages, they are only in german, but I think there is no translation necessary. Please don't ask, if I have model XYZ to offer (especially standard parts), everythink I can offer to download is here.

Models (Parts, Assemblies, Libfeatures)

Library features

Blocks, symbols etc. (mainly for drawing)


More websources for SolidWorks models



If you want to contribute some of your own models feel free to mail me.

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